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Things I miss:

  1. Coming back from a holiday and talking people through my real, smudgeable, shiny holiday photos…and stumbling across them years later in a kitchen drawer.
  2. Being completely and utterly infatuated.
  3. Sharing the same views as my parents.
  4. Unimaginably long, hot summers.
  5. Spending the whole school summer holiday waking up to Saved By The Bell and Bug Juice; watching the fun American kids had at summer cap and thinking I’d have sooo much fun there.
  6. Thinking that everyone believed in love.
  7. Art, I stopped after school; I wouldn’t know where to start now.
  8. The time when clothes weren’t so expensive and we all just wore jeans and a t-shirt.
  9. Moira Stewart on the 6 o’clock news.
  10. Knowing most of my neighbours.

Is there anything you miss?


5 thoughts on “Missing

  1. “Sharing the same views as my parents.” I thought I was the one who from time to time differs in opinion with parents lol.

    “Thinking that everyone believed in love.” Well, it’s either that they are in pain or haven’t been touched by it.

    “Knowing most of my neighbours.” Ah! One of my neighbours is a sadist. I try to mind my business as much as possible 😦

    Well, I miss listening to music on Papa’s turntable, the days when stories were told by moonlight. I will tell you more when I remember them 🙂

  2. I think it’s a generational thing, I find as I grow up I share less views with my parents that are just accepted to a younger generation. I’m sure when I’m older the younger generation will have views that shock me, but I hope I can keep an open mind.

    Yes, I agree about the love point, I think everyone has the capability to love, but maybe have suffered so don’t want to open their hearts to love again. I can be accused of that, but I think it’s a natural human instinct to want to protect ourselves from hurt.

    When I was growing up the whole street knew each other, and as I moved house I found not all neighbours knew each other – I found it really strange! Oh no, I’d hate to have a sadist as a neighbour, I don’t think mine are bad, I just don’t know them.

    Ah that sounds lovely, paints a really lovely picture! Yes, please do! 🙂

  3. I miss…
    1. Racing home from school, throwing my pushbike on the ground and tearing inside to watch the cricket with my Dad (I’m an Aussie)
    2. Long summer days riding my bike with the other neighbourhood kids.
    3. Getting into bed with my Mum when I feel sick in my tummy (it always made me feel better)
    4. Getting up at 5am on Christmas mornings knowing there would be presents under the tree for me and I had no idea what they were.
    5. Waiting for the final bell on the last day of school before summer holidays started.
    6. Waiting for my Dad to come home after his fortnightly visit to town because he always bought me a new book.

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